Donate for a Discount and Help the Peninsula Foodbank

The Gift Auto Detailing Center

Sixth Annual

Donate for a Discount

During the month of December bring  your undamaged, non-perishable foods for our Food Drive to your appointment and support families in our immediate area!

5 items = $10.00 off full detail    

10 items = $15.00 off full detail

15 items = $25.00 off full detail                      

25 items or more = $50.00 off full detail

Items most needed:

Canned meat (tuna, ham, chicken), chili, beef stew, canned or dried beans, peanut butter, jelly, 100% fruit juice, canned fruits and veggies, instant potatoes, fruit cups, boxed/complete meals, pasta and sauce, soups, pasta meals (like Spaghetti O’s), cereal, rice, breakfast bars.

What’s better than combining your auto maintenance and helping a good cause!

If you do not need a full detail we can honor the discounts for up to 5 items for an interior or exterior detail only

For more details or to make an appointment call 757-989-0981.

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